Copyright 2006-2010 Ben Bleything and Patrick May Distributed under the MIT License

Plist parses Mac OS X xml property list files into ruby data structures.

Load a plist file

This is the main point of the library:

  r = Plist::parse_xml( filename_or_xml )


(Not documented)

Public Class Methods

parse_xml( filename_or_xml ) click to toggle source

Note that I don’t use these two elements much:

 + Date elements are returned as DateTime objects.
 + Data elements are implemented as Tempfiles

Plist::parse_xml will blow up if it encounters a data element. If you encounter such an error, or if you have a Date element which can’t be parsed into a Time object, please send your plist file to so that I can implement the proper support.

    # File lib/plist/parser.rb, line 25
25:   def Plist::parse_xml( filename_or_xml )
26:     listener =
27:     #parser =, listener)
28:     parser =, listener)
29:     parser.parse
30:     listener.result
31:   end

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